Together with TIME'S UP, we are working to advance the organization's mission to create safe, fair and dignified workplaces for women of all kinds - with a focus on creating change in the tech industry.
As technologists, we believe that technology can help us solve some of these workplace problems and bring us together as a community.
What we do
Gather Women Together
We connect women in tech with one another to discuss issues and tell their stories
Working Groups
We organize working groups to tackle safety, equity, and dignity issues in the tech workplace
Partner With Others
We collaborate with other organizations working on improving safety, equity, and dignity in the tech workplace
Applying Tech
We help groups affiliated with TIME'S UP apply tech to solve safety, equity and dignity issues
Join Us
If you would like to be involved in a gathering, volunteer to participate in a working group, or help apply tech to solve workplace safety, equity, and dignity
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